“The art of provocative, feminine style”

Since the beginning, S_A_V_MILANO was a kind of experiment, a continuous game with style, textures and etc. Indeed, our brand often experiments with elements of aggressiveness with femininity, which definitely express our image in a more strong way.

The most crucial point of the brand, its DNA, finds its expression in femininity and feminism, however, in our concept, this is not a standard cliché in the form of elegant, classic dresses, but it is also a combination of more characteristic pieces, with an emphasis on self-expression. After all, feminism is a kind of protest, which is why many of our products are very experimental and extraordinary, like the desire to express the brand more strongly and make our statement in the fashion world.

Talking about feminism we cannot talk about femininity and in my opinion, the most feminine things and phenomenons are taking place in nature, which is why we consider it one of our most crucial inspirational sources. For example, ripening of a fruit or flower, full of innocent femininity and sexuality, that eventually will open to the world from another point of view, fascinating with its beauty, power, and softness at the same time. The ripening in nature can be compared with the maturation of a woman that can be personal, mental, external, sexual, and so on. Feminism is also the process of maturation of a woman’s way of thinking and her relation to the world and to herself. Feminism for us is also the development of the position of a woman in society, We want to talk about the idea of the development of women and her discovery from a prison in which she was concluded because of the social stereotypes that existed earlier and still keep their existence. That’s why, We believe, that the celebration of the blossoming through which the women going
through during her life is important and could be an interesting concept of our brand, especially considering an aesthetic and sexual point of view. This project is a sign of respect to all the women of the world that are very different from each other, but at the same time are identical in their nature.

Comparing a modern woman with a woman from the past, who has limited rights, we can say that women from the beginning of their existence have gone through great development in order to reach the position that they occupy in society now. That is why we dedicate a lot of attention to the personality of women, trying to personalize our products with a lit of handwork, which is definitely, the best way to express the individuality of our brand and of our clients in the fashion world.

“Handwork is the heart of our brand, is our DNA, that makes us different from the others and speaks for us”