“Give a second life to your clothes”

How many pieces of garments do you have that you no longer use just because they are out of fashion or have some kind of defect? But at the same time, dressing them fills you with a warm feeling of memories and positive emotions! We know the solution to this problem and we are able to give your clothes a second life!

Our Second-Life Service based on the concept of remaking and embellishing garments into new interesting, contemporary pieces, giving a modern touch to the garments that seem to be out of fashion. With our service, you will not only redo your clothes but also  support sustainability, protecting our environment.

What we can do?

Our approach to every single client is very individual and we are always open to considering any wish and request of our customers! We know how to save your favorite wardrobe item and rebirth it in an exclusive unique garment! We can customize your own clothes with our atelier service and provide sartorial modification of the garments in order to change silhouette, shape, or any details. We can also totally modify the appearance of the garment, providing uniqueness, which means that any single idea is used just ones, considering individual characteristics of every single client. Individual approach is crucial for us!

And the most exciting is that we can apply art to your favorite piece, making your clothes unique! You can choose any type of artwork, from textile drawing to fabric manipulation, and get surprised seeing your piece totally different but still so much favorite!

How do we work?

The only thing you have to do is to contact us by the form you can find below, describing your request. Within 24 hours our team will contact you and we will start our exciting and creative mission of rebirth of your favorite piece.